A4BL – What Do You Choose
A4BL – We Choose Resistance


Watercolor, Chinese Ink and Markers on Cutout Paper
5′ x 8′
June 2015

Asians4BlackLives is inspired by Asian American communities throughout the nation who have taken a stance on Black Lives Matter. Asians4BlackLives was created as a response to the We Choose Resistance: National Call on Black – Asian Solidarity hosted by Seeding Change and #Black Lives Matter.

This art piece recreates an uncomfortable, yet critical moment for Asian Americans in where we have to ask ourselves “What do we choose?” This discomfort shows that remaining “neutral,” “observant” and silent while this system of police brutality continues to kill Black bodies is not objective. Being a bystander is also a stance. As an Asian American women, I have joined a collective, national and global stance to choose resistance against police brutality and support Black Lives Matter.

We not only challenge ourselves to choose a stance on Black Lives Matter, but also take action. This begins with continuously asking ourselves as Asian Americans, What Do We Choose? in all contexts of our lives. This means declaring We Choose Resistance and Asians4BlackLives. This means taking a stance with the Black community and as People of Color and to counter the myths of Model Minority and Honorary Whiteness. This means to not be pitted against the Black community. This means to resist against the larger system of police brutality and racism. This means to continue relearning Asian American histories and lived experiences and its interconnectedness to Black History and histories of oppressed people. This means using our Asian American bodies to boldly challenge others within our community and take action through love, community, survival and resistance.

I will ultimately showcase the work done so far towards combating police violence and solidarity between the Asian American and Black community. This piece is made out of paper cut outs and is intentionally a work in progress and remains unfinished. Because this work is remains continuous. The cutouts are gut inspirations from participating in the We Choose Resistance: National Call on Black – Asian Solidarity and seeing all the groundwork from different Asian American communities throughout the nation that has sprung as a result of the call. As we, the Asian American community continue to relearn, deconstruct, brainstorm, strategize, organize, I hope to use this piece to acknowledge the blood, sweat and tears of those who are often not acknowledged in this life threatening work and to continue adding more inspiring and collective solidarity work resisting the system of police violence to this art piece.


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