Exhibitions & Press


2022     JustflyMaskCollection2, Art as Salve Exhibition, New Art Corridor, New Art Center

2021     CHINATOWN IS MY HOME, Paintbox Grantee, City of Boston

2021     The Community of Chinatown, Tasteful Boston Utility Box Grantee, Downtown Boston Business Improvement District

2021      Art Days 2021: Antiracism, Creative Arts Society at Boston University School of Medicine

2020     API Community Counts, #BeSeenBeCounted Gallery, Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago

2016     Against Gentrification Paint In, East Meets Words Bookstore Gallery Presents “The People’s First!”

2016     Against Gentrification Paint In, Henry Wong and You King Yee Memorial Gallery

2015     R Visions for Chinatown (Art Director), Henry Wong and You King Yee Memorial Gallery

2015     Asians4BlackLives, Artists Against Police Brutality Exhibition, East Meets Words Bookstore Gallery

2014     R Visions for Chinatown (Graphic Designer + Gallery Curator), Henry Wong and You King Yee Memorial Gallery and Boston Art Commission

2013     Sotte Voce, Asian American Alliance’s Voices Literary and Art Magazine Launch, Asian American Alliance, Tufts University

2010     The Boston Arts Academy Senior Show

2010     The Scholastic Inc. Art and Writing Exhibition

2009     Superflat, The Final Show, The Oxbow School

2009     Mis-Wonderstood Exhibition, Boston Arts Academy

2008     Pilot School’s Experimental Education Demonstration Exhibition

2008     “Participation: Young Artists Speak Up” companion exhibition of Facing History’s Choosing to Participate exhibition, Boston Public Library

2008     New Teachers/Young Artists exhibit at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

2007     New Teachers/Young Artists exhibit at Massachusetts College of Art and Design


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